Windows 9 Multiple Desktops Accessed Via A Special Button

We’ve been treated to a lot of Windows 9 leaks in the past few days, but not as much information. Luckily, Windows 9 multiple desktops get detailed by a fairly reliable source.

According to Paul Thurrott, Microsoft wants to provide better organization and productivity options to people that upgrade to its latest operating platform, and the company will allow users to create and manage desktops for specific apps.

These can be accessed with ease using a special new button.

Once a new virtual desktop is created, you’ll be able to switch between them by clicking on the “Task view button” on the taskbar. You can get a glimpse of that in the image below:


Interestingly, this same button also positions apps into snapped view, and this can be done by dragging the app thumbnails to the correct position on the screen. This comes in real handy if you are creating desktops for specific applications.

Microsoft is also thinking about introducing special shortcuts (keyboard hotkeys or mouse gestures) to better manage these multiple desktops in Windows 9.

This feature seems to be part of the upcoming public preview of the new operating system, as Redmond wants everyone to try it out. However, the full functionality might be missing from that early build.


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  • Greg

    Another great benefit. I think this will especially be useful in the workforce.

  • Nicole Mann

    I’m all for hot keys. It makes life much easier and I’m more productive trying to get work done.

  • Visory

    Mouse gestures? That sounds interesting.

  • df

    As much as I like this, I would rather like to see improvement on multiple monitors functionality (for starters, a clock on every taskbar on every monitor). Assigning apps to start on specific monitor from the get go (let’s say I want to start my fullscreen games on my secondary or my third monitor and not my mainscreen which I use to watch for emails, or events and incidents at work. Ergo a tool to assign stuff to work where I want it to work without having to manually drag and drop apps to other monitors (or using the Win + direction()up, down, left, right keys).