Windows 9 Multiple Desktops Feature Gets Detailed

Although the Windows platform has long enjoyed support for multiple desktops via third party software, native Windows 9 multiple desktops support will soon be a reality.

We got out first look at this exciting new feature by way of these leaked screenshots.

Previous rumors, although claimed that such an option was coming to Windows 9, but we did not hear much about how multiple desktops would function. Until now.

This new report reveals some new details about this anticipated feature.

It appears that users have been asking Microsoft to add native support for multiple desktops in Windows for ages now — more so when other operating systems like Ubuntu and other Linux distributions started offering it by default.

In Windows 9, users will be able to jump from one desktop to another simply by swiping it from the left side of the screen to the center.

Small thumbnails of the desktops will be displayed near the taskbar allowing users to choose the one they need. And this feature will also work like an Alt+Tab option, with fast switching via keyboard.

What we do not know yet is the maximum number of desktops.

Microsoft will obviously put a limit so as to avoid any performance drops in the new operating system. But there is also talk that multiple desktops will only be available in the enterprise versions of Windows 9, as the company thinks that the regular users of the OS will have on need for multiple desktops.

If so, this is going to create some level of confusion.

But since these are still rumors and unconfirmed reports for now, much can change between now and release. The Windows 9 Preview build, slated for release this month, will provide more answers.

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