Windows 9 Preview To Full Version Upgrade Not Possible

Impossible is nothing, but maybe, just maybe, upgrading your Windows 9 Preview installation to the full version of the operating system may not be on.

No surprises here, though, this has been the case since time eternal, it seems.

And while Microsoft is ready to share more information on the preview version of Windows 9 later today, with the public build of the operating system launching in early October, we do have some pointers on installation and upgrades.

Millions across the world will undoubtedly try Windows 9 Preview once it is available, but there is one thing that everyone should take into account if they decide to use this preview build regularly.

According to esteemed leaker of Microsoft information, WZor, users that install Windows 9 Preview will not be allowed to upgrade to the stable build directly next year.

Which is to say that a clean install, from scratch, is the only way around it.

Pitfalls of running test versions of operating systems, one can say, but then again, supporting preview versions this way is not something companies do. They are meant for testing, and once an OS is available via retail, it is probably best to go for a new, clean installation.

A rumor for now, though, but we’ll see what Microsoft has to say on this later today.

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    Yeah I don’t ever remember that being possible.