Windows 9 Preview, OS X Yosemite, Both Coming In October

Word on the street is that Microsoft will be delaying the public launch of the Windows 9 Preview by a week or so, and instead of a later September arrival, we now have an October date.

You can read up on this here, by the way.

But guess what else launches next month? Apple is set to release the final version of Mac OS X Yosemite on October 22 — meaning two of the most important companies in the desktop operating system market are bringing out their new goodies just a few days after one another.

Surely, all this is unintentional on Microsoft’s part. This is not a ploy of some sorts to steal Apple’s thunder or anything. The company just wants to use this extra time to further refine the preview build.

And besides, one is the final retail version, while the other is simply an early preview build of an operating platform that launches in 2015.

Regardless, Windows 9 Preview could, in some capacity, crash the OS X Yosemite launch party.

People will be downloading and installing it by then, the media will be reporting on all the new features of Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, and besides, the company itself will probably be talking about everything that is new in this build of Windows.

In general, OS X Yosemite will be sharing the spotlight with Windows 9 come the middle of October.

By design or chance, no one knows.

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  • compume

    October should be an interesting month.

  • BeastMode

    Do you think Microsoft will wait until Apple releases their OS?

    • IzzyT

      That would make sense. They would be able to see what they are missing ha ha.