Windows 9 Start Menu Automatically Adjusts Colors Depending on Theme

A subtle, but welcome addition! From the leaks we’ve seen up until now, the Windows 9 Start Menu promises to be an important cornerstone of the soon to be released OS.

One of the most requested of features in Windows 8 is ready to make a comeback — and in some style. Microsoft is going with a design that is a blend of the classic layout and modern elements, including Live Tiles, as the recently leaked images and videos have revealed.

And as these new screenshots show, the Start Menu will be able to automatically change its color in order to match the desktop theme you are using.

This handy change will help the returning feature better integrate with the newly revamped desktop.

Plus, this is one personalization option that users will enjoy. Some colors, obviously look better than others, as the screenshots above show. But one can hope there are some base colors to go with these automatic ones. At least two of them will do — white and black.

They are universal and work well with every background.

Your thoughts on this little change?

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  • Todd Huffman

    I like it, and the fact that it is going to match any background is great. It’s the little things that make us happy.

  • Little John

    I hate it, I like my menu area different from the background and the same for task bar. Maybe lighter shade would work or add little white or gray to show off the menu and task bar.

    • Todd Huffman

      I’m sure you’ll be able to customize it by turning that feature off in the settings.

      • slamoutte

        I don’t know how much control you are going to have over this. I think that it is what it is. But the color of your start menu is the least of your problems.

        • Nick

          In Windows 8 the taskbar matches the wallpaper but you can also force a color. I think that’s what there going to do here.