Windows 9 Start Menu Displays The “Now Playing” Information

Give it a year, and you’ll soon be doing all manner of things right from the Windows 9 Start Menu. A newly leaked screenshot hints at exactly this immense potential.

The thing about adding modern features to a highly popular option like the Start Menu is that users are sure to feel comfortable right from the get go. To further help them along their way, Microsoft is not only adding in several new options, but also offering a lot of customizability.

For example, you’ll be able to find out the “Now Playing” details right on the Start Menu.


As reported here, the Music Live Tile is interactive and displays information about the music or song that you are listening to — along with artist name, song details and all that cool stuff. Plus, the album cover is also displayed right there.

We are, of course, talking about the default Music app that is part of Windows here, but surely third-party solutions should also work perfectly fine.

And this same behavior can also be applied to other Metro apps that are pinned on the Start Menu, meaning you can get weather details, stock or sports alerts right from the Start Menu, simply by clicking it or pressing Winkey on your keyboard.

All of these features were previously only available on the Start Screen, but Windows 9 seems set to extend them onto the Start Menu.


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  • R3d Sta9

    that is just the live tile for “Music” app from MS it does that in windows 8.x as well. People might be more inclined to use it now that apps are in desktop windows, but this doesn’t provide evidence that desktop apps like WMplayer will display it’s info on the start menu….

  • Kio Biondo

    I like the fact that they are allowing for more customization.