Windows 9 Start Menu Is Resizable, Report

It appears that all the focus is currently on the Windows 9 Start Menu, which is good, as this was perhaps the most requested feature in the previous versions of the operating system.

And now we have some more information on what’s in store for the Start Menu in the new OS.

Microsoft is keen on making this feature wholly versatile, and totally customizable, with reports of options that allow users to resize the Start Menu as they see fit. We’ve seen in the previous leaks that the Start Menu automatically expands as new apps and Live Tiles are added.

This video is illustrates the point perfectly.

But the software titan is apparently going a step further, and will implement a few more customization settings to provide users with more control over this side of Windows 9.

What these new settings are exactly is still under wraps.

Then again, there have been reports claiming that the Windows 9 Start Menu actually takes up the full screen. Add two and two together, and there may be some truth to all of this.

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  • Sally Black

    Love this! More options the better! If I can choose the size that looks the best on my screen, I’ll be ecstatic.

  • Siena

    Customization is the important part of many changes that they are making. As long as I am able to utilize what I need and get rid of what i don’t I’m happy.

  • Dominic

    I cannot wait to see what this is all about – customizations are key to success i think. Your almost able to please both sides of the spectrum.

    • Margie West

      Dominic they’ll never be able to please everyone.