Windows 9 Technical Preview for ARM will arrive next year

After all the talk about the new name for the Windows 9 Preview or the new version of the Modern UI, there was something missing.

What about Windows for ARM previously know as Windows RT?

Well we have another piece filled in.

Mary Jo Foley’s sources are saying that the initial Windows Threshold technical preview expected this September will be limited to Intel/x86 setups.

They are saying that an ARM preview will be coming early next year.

The word on the street is that the ARM version of Threshold/Windows 9 will not include the classic Desktop, meaning this preview will finally show us all the new features coming to Microsoft’s modern UI.

The hits just keep coming….

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  • Alanis RT

    Hey, weren’t they meant to be killing off Windows RT? WTF?

  • Derrick Ford

    All I want to know is will the present ARM chips and RT Devices be able to run Threshold for ARM?