Windows 9 Technical Preview Torrent – why you should NOT download

When the Windows 9 Technical Preview is released, it will probably be leaked at as a torrent.

It will be labeled as the “Windows 9 Technical Preview Torrent” and be available on all the popular file sharing sites.

Here’s the problem – just because a file looks legit doesn’t mean it’s totally legitimate.

Some statistics say that up to 50% of all pirated files are infected with malware that are constantly repacked to evade even the most up-to-date anti-virus programs.


The danger of torrent software

The attraction of “free” software is a gateway for cyber-criminals to infect computers, leaving individuals and their personal data vulnerable to malware infection.

You could have the following types of programs installed on your computer:

  • Viruses
  • Malware
  • Trojan
  • Ransomware
  • Denial of Service hosts

and more…

The scariest is Ransomware where a program could simply just lock up your computer and ask for money in order to let you back in.

Bottom line – not worth it!!

If you want to download the Windows 9 Technical Preview, do it from a trusted source like our download page here.

For more instructions about how to install the Windows 9 Technical Preview, you can read our install pages here.

Be safe people!


  • pedro

    there’s no https on your site…sorry, not trusted at all.

    • Feridun Kaya

      because not released yet idiot. Cant you read?

      • LOL

        No comment.

        • BFeely

          Why do you warn about viruses yet promote scamware on your site?

      • crm20071770

        i doubt they’re going to push HTTPS into production on their site when win9 comes out if they haven’t already…idiot.

  • Carl Draper

    That’s why you run it in a VM duh, can’t hold a Vm to ransom, just reset!

  • Aasmir Basnet


  • Josh McDowell

    Beta release on September 30th

  • Reckem

    If you use a torrent the chances of you getting a virus is extremely high. I learned this from past experience. I got a virus and my computer was done the only way to save it was to do a fresh install and I lost everything.

  • BFeely

    You tell us not to download from Torrent sites, yet your website advertises crapware.

  • wraygun

    nice work

  • wraygun

    nice work.And yes , u mad bro ? 🙂