The Windows 9 Technical Preview will be able to self update

So this gets more and more interesting.

As we barrel towards September, more and more information seems to be slipping out about Windows 9 beta or the Windows 9 Technical Preview.

The new information comes courtesy of Neowin, who are reporting that Windows 9 currently has the ability to do an internal auto upgrade.

Here’s the quote from Neowin:

On current internal builds of Windows Threshold, you can upgrade builds with a single click of a button. How it works is that when you open Windows Update, there is a new feature in this area that allows you to upgrade your build of Windows, meaning you could go from build 9825 to 9829 with a single click.

We must stress that this feature is built into internal releases of the Technical Preview and could be pulled before it is released to the public… but the feature is fully built out, meaning that it is integrated into the UI and it is a native part of Windows. So, knowing this, it seems logical that it will make its way into the public preview.

That actually is a feature I have been begging for for a while.

The holy grail for an OS would be an Operating System that abstracts you ENTIRELY from the entire process of patches and fixes and upgrades.

Microsoft did make some progress toward this with Windows 8 but I think the entire rebooting to get updates is a little played out. Ultimately, the machine should continue to maintain itself automatically getting upgrades from the web as needed.

I remember a long time ago working as a computer intern at an airport. The guy who managed the AS400 was telling me how awesome it was. He was telling me that the mainframe detected when a part was broken and automatically called in an order for a new part.

He said he only found out when the parts were being delivered and he needed to install them. Well that was in 1993.

In 2014/2015, it would be awesome if Microsoft put an OS together that self updated in the background without any human intervention at all.

This may be the first of many steps but who knows, we might just get there.

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  • Matthew Laws

    An awesome feature. Not completely special, but a very nice feature to add. The goal is to make things better and easier for the users. This accomplishes that. I hope this is more than a rumor for Windows 9.

  • darkpr0fit

    All of these improvements are welcome. But what would really be welcome would be to update the base os so it is not as intrusive as it is today. It seems that updates always have to reboot the operating system. In a 24/7 world the less interruption the better.

    • niffty66

      Thanks for commenting on on the reboot item, I believe Microsoft promised that feature once before. Due to certain restriction I think you my still have to reboot for complete install.