Windows 9 or Threshold Tech Preview will be available late September or early October

So hot off the presses from Mary Jo Foley, Windows 9 or Threshold will be available late September or early October.

Microsoft is aiming to deliver a “technology preview” of its Windows “Threshold” operating system by late September or early October, according to multiple sources of mine who asked not to be named.

….One of my contacts who has provided accurate information on Windows in the past said the Threshold tech preview will be public and available to all those interested.

As soon as Microsoft make that preview available, we will have it up for you on our Download Windows 9 page.

It’s interesting that there might be a tech preview so soon.

What do you guys think?

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  • Dtt23

    Now is this a preview to download and try out or simply a preview you can view online? I hope the former, but I’m guessing it is the latter.

  • StevenR

    Dale said it best above. This is a move away from 8 as quickly as possible. Windows 8 has some good qualities, but I think for a desktop/laptop computer, it was a big mistake.