WIndows 9 to support up to 8k resolution

It’s looking like the next next version of Windows will support high resolution displays up to 8K.

Now this may sound totally ludicrous considering most monitors and PC’s don’t even have support for 4k yet but it seems like redmond is aggressively trying to stay ahead of the tech curve on this one.

The image below (from shows the new sizes for the Windows Explorer icon found in Windows 9.

These indicate that Microsoft is planning to provide support for UltraHD resolutions.

new sizes for the Windows Explorer icon

The post seems to indicate that Microsoft is aggressively trying to make ultra high resolution systems a non issue going forward.

You can read more here.

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  • Isacc

    How far away is the 8K monitor if we don’t have 4K monitors? I guess it’s good to be prepared and all.

  • Jessica Wood

    This is the last thing that they should be focusing on when they have many things to polish up before the release date.

  • compume

    That’s one less problem they will have later on. Hopefully since they are preparing for this far in the future they are super prepared for today.

  • Leaker

    What resolution are we currently at..?

  • MamaP

    Anything above 4K is going to require multiple GPUs.

  • RantTech

    I don’t think the computers are going to be powerful enough to handle an 8K monitor at least not anytime soon.