Windows 9 Tutorials

Welcome to our Windows 9 Tutorials page.

Our free Windows 9 tutorials will help you quickly become an expert!

Windows 9 will be faster, easier to use and more fascinating than any other version of Windows that has come before it.

I’ve been tracking Windows 9 since the very beginning and here on, we will bring you some great tutorials for this new operating system.

Some of the topics we will be exploring:

  • Tutorial – Re-Introduction to the Desktop
  • Tutorial – Exploring the New Windows 9 Start Menu
  • Tutorial – Windows in Windows 9
  • Tutorial – Navigating your personal folders in Windows 9
  • Tutorial – Organizing files and folders using the context menu
  • Tutorial – Working with multiple files and folders
  • Tutorial – Using libraries
  • Tutorial – Folder properties
  • Tutorial – Folder options
  • Tutorial – Windows 9 – Using the Recycle Bin
  • Tutorial – Advanced Windows 9 New Start Menu options
  • Tutorial – Exploring your computer with
  • Tutorial – Jump lists and customization
  • Tutorial – The New Windows 9 Notification Area
  • Tutorial – Search in Windows 9
  • Tutorial – User Account Controls in Windows 9
  • Tutorial – Devices and Printers

And much more to be announced.

Windows 9 is coming soon. Bookmark this page and stay tuned for the latest.


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  • “Windows 9 will be faster, easier to use and more fascinating than any other version of Windows that has come before it.”

    LOL… Never heard this from Microsoft before, have we?