Windows 9 will be much more compartmentalized

Some very interesting news about how Windows 9 will work internally.

This is something that we have been wanting to see in Windows for years and seems like it may finally be here.

Microsoft is very wisely choosing to make the architecture of Windows more compartmentalized and thus (ironically) more efficient to maintain.

From Neowin today.

…certain features in Windows 9 are compartmentalized (Cortana, Notification center, and possibly the Start menu too) which makes it easy for Microsoft to push out updates to these components without doing any major surgery across the entire OS. A simple analogy will be what Microsoft did with Windows Phone by de-integrating the hubs so that they were easier to update without needing to update the entire OS.

That would be awesome if true.

It would make Windows maintenance a lot more efficient and allow Microsoft teams to focus on pieces of Windows without being too concerned about harming the rest of the ecosystem.

Great news.

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  • LiveFreeDead

    Yay, this is great news… Hopefully this will also make the system files less accessible to malware by locking them down better – but one step at a time I guess.