Windows 9 will NOT be released this fall

Windows 9 will not launch or be released this fall.

I believe that there is a lot of wishful thinking going on as people desperately want to move beyond Windows 8 but the internets need to slow down.

So a lot of online magazines are interpreting what Russian hacker (or group) WZOR has said as Windows 9 will be launching or being released in the fall.

That is clearly not the case.

Here’s the original excerpt of the text in Russian:

Анонс Windows 9 состоится этой осенью, бюджет рекламной компании Microsoft на этот раз будет просто фантастическим. Слоган компании, вы хотите кроме кнопки “пуск” получить и новое меню, то, их есть у меня…
По совету маркетологов недостатки Windows 8 будут признаны и использованы как учетные разработчиками уроки при выпуске Windows 9.

The text when translated from Russian using Google Translate says the following:

Preview Windows 9 will be held this fall, Microsoft’s advertising budget this time is just fantastic. The company’s slogan, you want except the “start” and get a new menu that they have me …
On the advice of marketers shortcomings of Windows 8 will be recognized and used as credentials developers lessons when Windows 9.

He clearly is saying Windows 9 will be announced or previewed in the fall. Remember, this is a leaker not necessarily a Microsoft employee – these are rumors!

The most reasonable interpretation is that Windows 9 will start being openly discussed by Microsoft and may even see a Beta (or preview) this year.

There is NO WAY that Microsoft can go through a reasonable software beta and alpha cycle (or Developer and Consumer Preview) in less than a year. It simply won’t happen.

The risk of rushing another Windows Operating System out of the door would be a catastrophe. It’s simply not the way a guy like Satya Nadella works.

There will be announcements and there will be lots of marketing planning that MAY begin this fall and that would be absolutely appropriate.

I believe however that Windows 9 will be released to the consumer for final purchase in 2015.

Don’t let the headlines fool you. Windows 9 will NOT be released this fall.

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  • terry10

    Not a surprise to me at least. I always saw Winter 2015 as the earliest possible release date for Windows 9. I’m sure that rumor flew up because of the holiday factor, but it’s simply too soon for it to come out.

  • John Howe

    I think it’s clear that anytime in 2014 is impossible at this point. I do think it will be heavily previewed and promoted by year’s end though..

  • CaptainJack

    Was this a possibility in the first place? I hadn’t heard anything recently to even remotely suggest Windows 9 could be released this fall. Microsoft’s planned updates are perhaps the strongest sign. Sounds like some words were lost or changed in translation from Russian to English.

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  • Eddie84

    The first sentence/paragraph says it all. Windows 9 won’t be coming out in 2014. End of story. First quarter of 2015 is even extremely optimistic to me.