Windows 9 will use ‘Asimov’ to monitor user usage

Microsoft will be keeping an eye on users as they use the new Operating System.

No not for any NSA type nonsense, but simply to determine how the new Operating System is used and to help determine what tweaks and changes need to be made to optimize the OS.

You might remember that during Windows 8 testing, Microsoft referred to the fact that they had data showing Start Menu usage had dropped.

Yeah well I guess that didn’t work out too well huh?

This is more sophisticated but really not that different.

From the good folks at Neowin.

Microsoft will be using a new system, codenamed ‘Asimov’, that will provide a near real-time view of what is happening on users’ machines. Before you freak out and think Microsoft is watching all of your mouse clicks, our knowledge of the system indicates that the data is obscured and aggregated, but affords Microsoft new insights into user interactions with the OS. Mary Jo Foley, who uncovered the codename, says that the system was originally built by the Xbox Team.

The idea is quite simple: gather as much data as possible to make sure that the user experience is exactly like Microsoft has envisioned. With more telemetry data, it will help the team behind the OS make sure that updates, features, and every other aspect are all working correctly and if not, they will have high-quality data to troubleshoot the issue.

Much more coming…

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  • dreadmaster

    Don’t they already do this?

    • I’m assuming Asimov is much more sophisticated than the telemetry systems they had a couple of years ago.