Windows Insider Preview Program Detailed

Hold onto your hats, people! If you had doubts about how amazing Windows 9 is going to be, here’s a little nugget. Windows Insider Preview Program. Microsoft’s secret awesome sauce.

The software titan has created a new program that allows two things.

First, it provides users that sign up for it with more frequent preview builds, as well as affording them the chance to offer constant feedback to the company during development of Windows 9. Sounds amazing? Wait till you hear the details.

As Paul Thurrott writes here, the dedicated Windows Feedback app can be used to provide Microsoft with feedback on the new OS, as well as see the comments and advices given by other Insiders.

If you download and install Windows 9 Preview, you’ll be able to add details to that feedback, or start your own by adding text and screenshots. Internet Explorer, Windows Store, Applications, Hardware and Devices, Maps, Mail, all such areas will allow for user feedback.

Redmond has also set up the beta version of Windows 9 to trigger notifications (when specific events happen) that ask you for your feedback on the operating system.

Then again, this is what we’ve been hearing for a while now.

It does show that Microsoft is covering all bases this time around, in order to create an operating platform that users will absolutely adore — power to the people, as the saying goes.

What about you? Do you plan on installing the Windows 9 technical preview, and providing Microsoft with feedback on the features? Do tell.

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  • Siena

    Great idea! Hopefully this app will minimize tons of updates once it finally hits the market.

    • VersaTeach

      There will still be a handful I think right off the bat.

  • Bri Labond

    They have really been doing an excellent job of trying to listen to what the consumer wants. Giving everything asked for isn’t feasible, but so far they seem like they are really paying attention. I’m excited for what they have done.

    • Dominic

      Let’s see if they are able to pull it all together. I was a product tester for Microsoft and it never seemed like they listed to what the people wanted. Btu I’ve seen them doing a lot better of a job this time around.

  • BootDrive

    I believe this is going to be of great value for us all in the future. I haven’t been a fan of their past doings, but so far what has been leaked and planned has caught my attention. I like it!

  • MamaP

    I’m glad they are trying to hear what the consumer wants. This will hopefully help them in the future to get it right the first time around.

    • Wallace

      They seem to get it wrong every other OS they put out.