Windows Phone 8.1’s Storage Sense Coming To Windows 9

We already have a few features that launched on Windows Phone first, and are coming to Windows 9. Cortana, for example, is one. Storage Sense, it appears, is another.

This has been confirmed via the recently leaked Windows 9 screenshots.

As you can see in the image above, Storage Sense is ready to go in the Metro inspired Start Menu of the upcoming operating system. The option is nicely tucked away towards the very end.

What is Storage Sense, you ask?

It is a feature implemented in Windows Phone to provide mobile users with an elaborately detailed overview of the storage space on their smartphone — things like how much space the installed apps, games, multimedia (like photos, music, videos and podcasts), and the operating system files are taking.

A number of other key options are built around Storage Sense, like securing and backing up data, as well as freeing up storage on the device by either moving them to OneDrive or the microSD card.

Of course, users can also simply delete stuff from this panel, if they want.

It is not yet clear how Microsoft plans to implement Storage Sense on Windows 9. It could perform the same role on the desktop, but at the same time, the software titan might add a few other features and tweaks to better adapt Storage Sense on the desktop operating system.

Regardless, we can expect Storage Sense to be part of the technical preview that is on track to launch later this month, but there is talk that Microsoft might lock this feature in that build.

Bummer, total bummer, if true.

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  • Manny P

    I don’t know but I am a fan of storage sense. Of course that was once i figured out how to use it properly.