Windows Phone 9 Preview Release Date Set For January 2015

If all goes well, we might have both the desktop and mobile platforms launching close to each other. Windows Phone 9 Preview releases date has reportedly been set at the very start of next year.

January 2015 is the estimate that is now being thrown around.

According to this story, Microsoft is currently working on Windows Phone 9 along with a couple of updates for Windows Phone 8 users, and a preview build of the new mobile OS is on track for release early next year — as a free download, of course.

Microsoft, it is said, plans to stick to the same tried and tested strategy of giving users a chance to try out new versions of its mobile OS a few months before the public rollout.

It is not yet clear whether the company aims to launch both Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9 at the exact same time, but chances are that this is the strategy the company is following. A lot can happen during development, though, and a parallel launch might not happen.

Either platforms being delayed by a few months here and there, wouldn’t surprise anybody.

However, the full details should be with us come September 30, at the San Francisco event that the software titan has officially announced just now.

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  • SMalone

    Fantastic news. This is a big step for the Windows Phone. Microsoft is still losing money on the phones, so they really need this 9 phone to hit!

  • John

    I’m excited for the Windows 9 phone. Hopefully the release won’t be as frustrating as the Window phone 8 was and the updates are more prominent. It didn’t seem like much changed from the 7.5 to the 8.1 release.

    • Arnold

      “It didn’t seem like much changed from the 7.5 to the 8.1 release.”


  • standfirm

    Apple is having some trouble with their iPhone 6 release – bending and update that stops you from being able to use the phone.