Windows Phone 9 Split Screen Mode Exclusive To Phablets

While we’ve had a steady stream of Windows 9 details head our way, some more details about the upcoming Windows Phone 9 are also slowly surfacing.

There is talk that the preview version of the new mobile OS is slated for a January 2015 launch.

This brand new report also details some new features for phablets that will be part of Windows Phone 9. Some may get tweaked, completely changed, or removed altogether as we get closer to launch, but at least we know what Microsoft is cooking.

The software titan is currently busy bringing the split screen mode of Windows 8 to its mobile platform. This multitasking ability will allow smartphones with large displays to perform a number of tasks at once, increasing productivity along the way.

Not to mention that a feature like this will also come in handy with the expected merger of the Windows Phone platform with the Windows RT operating system.

The only problem?

According to the source above, the split screen multitasking option will only be available on devices with screen sizes at least 4.9 inches. An odd number, why not make it 5 inch?

Or why not make it anything above 4 inches?

Surely, regular smartphone users could find a lot of use for a feature like this, not just phablet owners. However, as things stand, a lot of Lumia (and other Windows Phone) devices are set to miss out here.

Another equally important thing that the report mentions is that even though Windows 9 will support all Windows Phone smartphones, including the low end Lumia 520, not all devices will get the same amount of features — some will be reserved for high-end hardware.

Regardless, we can expect Microsoft to talk more about Windows Phone 9 later this month.

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  • Shrikant Majumdar

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    • SMalone

      Agreed. I don’t just say this to suck up, but Windows 9 information here has been better and more accurate than anywhere else. Keep up the great work guys.

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  • Bocamp

    This is one of the features that I most look forward to. I know that it’s likely that I’ll need to get the higher end phone but it will be worth it.

  • Gary W

    As a business owner I really look forward to the split screen mode. I can see using it often. As long as there are no major flaws.

  • Mark Wright

    You really can’t expect to have a functional split screen on anything smaller. It wouldn’t be easy to see. I look forward to the many new and improved things that they are doing.

  • standfirm

    How much of the screen are you really going to be able to see even on the 4.9 screen? I can’t imagine being able to easily see alot of things on it.