The Windows Technical Preview will be an iso file – remember what we told you

Neowin was able to get another screenshot of an advanced Windows Technical Preview download page.

The other thing they are reporting is the size of the downloads.

Apparently, the 64bit version will be approximately 4 gig and the 32 Gig version will be approximately 3 Gig.

On this page, we also see that the files will be ISO files i.e. compressed image files.

We are once again recommending that as long as you plan to just play around with a preview version of Microsoft, you need to use a VM.

Click here for more information about VM’s and Windows 9.

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  • VMs are for sissies! I plan on jumping in, both feet first! 😉

    • VM’s are for sissies and Malware is for the brave!!


    • Tamper

      So, you are willing to give up stability for possible BSODs? Apparently you are not in college or in the workforce.

      • Not too concerned, based on past experience beta testing new versions of Windows. It’s not for work or school, no, and I’ve installed Windows enough to where it wouldn’t a huge deal going back to 8.1 if I had to.

  • Carvalhus

    Both sites are now down.

    But i kept the preview key and download url… Just in case. 🙂

  • DeliveryMan

    Oh boy! This is going to be interesting isn’t it.

  • NeedCoffee

    How difficult is this going to be ? I’m not the best with computer, but not completely dumb to them either.