WZOR Updates 2 – Windows 9 will be announced this fall with a heavy marketing campaign

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Earlier, I alluded to the fact that the Russian leaker/group had made a series of announcements recently that seem pretty earth shaking.

They have alluded to the fact that Windows 8.1 Update 2 is the end of the line for Windows 8.

The other¬†thing they said is that Windows 9 will be announced this fall. That’s interesting by itself but there’s more.

They are alleging that there will (understandably) be a huge marketing budget for Windows 9 and the return of the Start Button will be part of the new marketing campaign.

Also, they allege that the shortcomings and flaws of Windows 8 will be used as lessons for the Microsoft development community. Those should be some INTERESTING classes.


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  • Sally Black

    If this is true, it tells me that Microsoft is finally learning from their mistakes. You can’t simply innovate by just changing things completely. In the end, the consumer still needs to be involved for total success, which is why the Start Menu is coming back!

  • PatrickPlante

    If this happens to be true, I must say I’m quite happy to hear this. In the last days, I’ve heard many rumours, and they all tend to go the same way, and it’s all perfectly aligned with everything I hated about Windows 8.

    I use Windows 8 on my laptop, but 99,9% of the time, I’m on desktop mode (Thanks Classic Shell) and I’m using my Start Button alongside my beloved Start Menu (Thanks again Classic Shell).

    It’s a shame that a 3rd party software developper releases a freeware that actually fixes Windows 8 and that Microsoft can’t (don’t want to) fix. Hope they’ve learned the lesson and make a good Windows 9 OS.

    • Lars

      Right on man. I am with you 100%. I liked some things about Windows 8, but it lacked a lot for me personally. I’m hoping windows 9 will be a vast improvement.

    • Rodney Longoria

      Do you really think that 3rd party developer worried about security issues like MS has to, to begin with? Never mind dealing with language packs, interoperability with their other apps, and so forth? Of course not! These guys just throw it out there with no long-term regard to the consumer other than making a buck in a niche market whilst they can. Meanwhile, Microsoft cannot afford to do that, as they have more than the casual user to answer to (corporations, governments, etc.).

      • PatrickPlante

        Of course not, it’s not their OS.

        But were talking about a start menu here, something that has been part of Windows since 95. And I don’t think the start menu, start button or desktop mode are security threats.

        I’m fine with Windows 8 under the hood enhancements, but modern ui and no start button/menu should were the issues and not security ones.

        As for corporations and governments, ask their IT how they embrace modern ui…

  • clifton stillman

    So sad that Microsoft has to backtrack for all the winners that just couldn’t handle windows 8.1.

    • EB2

      Have to agree…I reckon windows 8 is different in the same way as an electric car compared with it’s dino-juiced counterpart. It’s innovative, but you can’t see it, because you’re still trying to put the nozzle of the bowser somewhere. The 8.1 start menu is brilliant, once you realise how you can use it, you’ll understand why it trumps the traditional style in so many ways.
      My biggest gripe with 8 though, is how unfinished the whole OS was, bouncing back between the touch interface and the traditional interface for things like adjusting display properties, or most control panel items for that matter. It lacks uniformity in the ‘new’ format.
      So yes, I agree that there are lessons to be learnt but it’s not all about the start menu being ‘fail’.
      I also like the division of touch apps vs desktop apps – both of which I run on even my desktop PC, I use touch apps in a column on the sides for things like Skype/line/skyscanner/etc stuff that you don’t want to necessarily take up your entire screen – so you can keep working, plus the desktop windows will arrange themselves in the space they have left, and never go over the top of those panels and vice-versa.
      Well, hopefully Windows 9 will address all good and bad things in 8.x.

  • philnolan3d

    Return of the start button… Which we already have?

    • terry10

      The start menu you mean? I don’t think that’s available with windows 8. At least not by default.

      • philnolan3d

        It says “Start button”. They already made the mistake of putting back the Start button.