WZOR Updates 3 – Windows 9 will introduce new stronger activation policies

This is the third new update from the WZOR team.

The first update described how Microsoft had decided that Windows 8.1 update 2 would be the final Windows 8.x update.

Next, they allege that Microsoft will be announcing Windows 9 this fall with a large marketing campaign and “interesting” developer training.

Finally, they are talking about activation and security policies.

Allegedly, some of the recent drama in China has caused Microsoft to rethink the way Windows 9 will be activated.

Activation of products distributed via ESD-RETAIL channels will be more tightly associated with a specific PC and that activation will be done when user will log in to Microsoft Store. Activation key won’t be given to user and he won’t need to enter key manually.

Apparently, the activation of Windows 9 PC’s will move away from a manual user licensing system to some kind of online, device specific check in with the Microsoft store.

It sounds interesting.

In addition:

Installing ESD-RETAIL systems on new hardware or restoring system on the old one, will require to “detach” old installation from Microsoft Store, and only after that, it’ll be possible to activate new system.

So this means that hacking a system will be a lot more complicated as there will be a deeper association between identities, the Windows store and the hardware.

Here’s the rough text.

and more Microsoft faced problems in China is very thoughtful on a new activation procedure Windows 9. apparently it slows business now .. It is assumed that the activation of the products distributed by ESD-RETAIL sales channels will be more tightly bound to a specific PC, and that your activation will be done when the user logs online resource for Microsoft Store, while not itself a product key will be issued to the user and it will not need to enter it yourself.

If you want to change your PC or reinstall-restore the system (not on branded PC OEMs ie not) you will be prompted download ESD-RETAIL distribution in a special format and using special tools wizard-burn it on DVD or flash media. With this new type of “bios” (only for large OEMs) will download the distribution for “bare metal” and deploy the system without the need have boot disks.   Virtually the same has long been implemented by Apple.

True plan to implement this feature only on iron produced most Microsoft and devices produced by major manufacturers such as Lenovo, Dell, etc. Similarly, plans to make and to mobile devices, tablets, phone itd reinstall ESD-RETAIL system on new hardware or restoring the old you have to “detach” the old installation on the Microsoft Store, only then you will be able to activate the system new one. At Microsoft Store may not be a license and not a single product, thus it is necessary to take into account that the data on the license holder (address, credit card numbers, etc.) will be stored on the servers of Microsoft .

If suddenly you do not detach the previously activated system and you have activated simultaneously 2-3 system, thus you bought only 1 license then after 3 days of activation will be “reset” to address the use of the license. You will be prompted to purchase the missing license for further use of the product or “undock” extra system. At this time, these topics are disputes between the developers of the new system is activated, and professionals to promote new products.

Overall in fact we are working on how to make those lease Desktop time or the system itself. This is also the main problem in promoting the system of protection of personal data and their transfer to third parties such as the NSA … Therefore, there is an idea to issue corporate version without such attachments to online cloud services and Microsoft.

More analysis of this in the days to come.

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  • Adam Rochefort

    Stronger activation policies means more headaches for the end user. More and more I’m seeing a disadvantage to using Windows as they slowly snake their claws into my computers.

  • almulder

    Sound like time to take the plunge into linux.

  • art

    what if you are not online,then what do you do

    • Elwoodathome

      I guess you have to stay with your old version or go to someone’s house who has Internet and license it there?

    • Eddie84

      A very good question. I’m anxious to see how Microsoft will answer that.

  • clifton stillman

    This does not sound good

    • Lars

      Agreed. It doesn’t benefit the consumer at all. I’ll be patient, but I’m with you. Doesn’t sound good at all.

  • Guest

    So how Can I activate it by skype ? 😛

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  • Ernas LTU

    its teribble 🙁

  • X-Man

    Yaaaaaaaaawn, every protection can be/will be cracked.

  • aseries

    I was under the impression the Chinese government is declaring it will avoid Windows 8. If that is true and Windows 8 piracy is as bad as MS indicates why not just abandon the Chinese market altogether.