WZOR updates – Windows 8.1 Update 2 will be the final version of Windows 8

Superstar Russian prognosticator, Wzor, has posted a lengthy discourse on the Russian language Ru-Board.

In his diatribe he actually makes quite a few interesting allegations/declarations that I will cover on this site one at a time.

The first allegation which is quite interesting is that Windows 8.1 Update 2 — which is widely expected as part of the August Black Tuesday batch of patches — will be the final Windows 8.x release.

This if true will be an interesting event to note.

Windows 8 will finally have come to the end of the line and Microsoft will continue to release patches and minor fixes but no major enhancements and Windows 8.x versions ever again.

Quite a milestone.

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  • Adam Rochefort

    Oye the government should give tax breaks for all these newly released OSes. I know people who wont even budge from XP.

    • John Howe

      Not a bad idea and one Microsoft could get behind. It is clear they want people to upgrade, and at this point, there are still too many people on XP let alone 7 and 8 that they’ll want to switch to 9.

  • Sally Black

    I think this is probably for the best if it’s true. I mean, having a 3rd Windows 8 update right before Windows 9 is released early next year never really made sense to me anyone.

    • terry10

      I am with you. It just seemed like too much work to 8 when it’s going to be irrelevant in less than a year compared to 9. Never made sense at all.

  • William Walker

    Good riddance to windows 8. I was very disappointed windows 8 never included the start menu. Let’s hope windows 9 learns the lesson from windows 8.

  • CaptainJack

    Not too outrageous. A final update near the end of summer and the new version of 9 sometime in the first half of 2015. I think that’s fair for everyone.