You’ll Be Able To Disable The Start Menu In Windows 9

Power to the user! Microsoft is going in with a much more relaxed approach for its next OS, with talk that users will be able to disable the Start Menu in Windows 9.

So basically, we have confirmation of another configuration option in the upcoming operating system that will allow users to enable or disable a particular feature as they see fit.

And while an army of users called for the return of the Start Menu, a legion no longer wants it — those who enjoy their shiny new Modern UI. A newly leaked video that made its way online earlier today shows that users will be allowed to turn off the Start Menu if they do not like it.

Instead, they can stick to the Start Screen, just as it was the case in Windows 8.

The video clip is available below, creepy music and all:

This particular option can easily be accessed via taskbar properties, and sets up Windows 9 to use the Start Menu instead of the Start Screen.

Another interesting factor is that the Start Menu will be turned on by default on PCs, but if you install Windows 9 on a tablet, you will be treated to a Strat Screen on first boot. However, both options could be easily changed as needed as the video above shows.

Power to the user, indeed!


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  • Harrison

    I like options. They seem to be offering a good amount of control to the user. I like it.